Thursday, March 31, 2011

online shopping

helo helooo from brisbane
haha posing with guitar konon. say hello to my vocalist
ok this was prob 2 weeks ago.. i aint got no new pictures coz this guy over here havent uploaded any and he's the only one taking pictures hahaha..

sorry for not updating this blog for almost 2 weeks.. ive been busy with test and mid sems and house stuff i dont have the time to sit and write.. i got soo many things on my mind that my stress made me get my period twice!! ok i shouldnt put it up here tp i cannot tell linda!! she's not around!!
she's at redang now having a wonderful time while im stuck here in the rain sangap sbb takde _____ so i might aswell just tell you guys.

well even when we were all busy and doing our uni work and stuff.. theres always time for online shopping! *jumps up and down* =) nyahaha
supre did the 50% off all sales stuff online so i was all hyped and terus msg linda like "where are you? if your home im online shopping at supre i give u 20 minutes to decide" 
i even got one of my housemate to join so we could split up the 8dollars shipping fee
the packaged arrived yesterday

woohoo! i bought 6 bottoms(shorts skirts pants), and 3 tops.. the rest are all linda's.. yeah mengade plak linda ni tp i dont really mind her 5 tops cost me abt 15dollars je, one top was abt 2.50 soo chip and nais! and i bought more the day before from the store itself.. im gonna borrow it before i go back. i mean i shouldnt just let them in the closet with nothing to do ritee?

some tips about shopping online:
1. make sure u know your size
play safe here dont think ur a size 10 if you are actually a size 12. I know ppl tend to do this coz they cant accept reality but try not to when u are considering online shopping. If you are not sure if u will fit the dress/top/bottoms, ask for a size chart or the measurements. You are the customer here.

2. Make sure the seller is reliable
check for comments or ratings if you are on ebay. And google around to see if there are any complaints againts the site you are dealing with. 

3. Check the materials 
some things just look better in pictures. I hate buying things online then get dissapointed because of the materials *slaps head*

4. Only buy what you will deffinitely wear.
enuff said.

5. dont get addicted to online shopping. your ass might get bigger before the parcel arrives.

one of the things i bought from ebay last week was sent to afiques place instead! grrrrr now i have to wait weeks before i get to see it  >(

well i better get back to studying.. next time i'll show u my house.. or is that showing off?
hmmm.. ill think about it

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