Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Butthead turns 22 today!!

first of all, i am so annoyed with blogger right now. i wrote this long long super long thing and it didnt saveeeee.

the other half of this blog is 22 today!! for all of yall who totally went alamak to that sentence, facebook or text her whatever now please .
so this one's for you!
My favourite girl Shareen, 

happy besday tuyu, hepi besdeituyu. no this is not your father, it's me best bestfriend evah! hahahaha happy 22nd!!! congratulations, you are one step closer to being 27 married with 6 kids. i really think you're going to make lots of babies. haha okay itu random, anywayyyy though i know this birthday's been a little crazy,( dont la tweet so emo like that, so not you) buttt i promise you will have an awesome time tonight (ok maybe im hoping mostly, i cannot control your feelings). but you will girl!why? because you have me who happens to be one of the awesomest friends in this world aside from you, you're awesome too :) im so full of myself i know.

k i almost barfed at how sweet i spoke of you, but only today la k i say nice things about you.

to my gorgeous girl who's full of life and has awesome style, awesome hair, and goes crazy at the sight of shiny things, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

i love you like thisssssssssss long but longer.enjoy your birthday butthead, remember happy thoughts only today kay?

infinity xs and os,

you know, it is quite crazy that we have so many things sama.hahaha baju,skirt,kasut, hard disc anddd much more im quite sure. but you know what they say great minds think alike, and they are born only 13 days apart. who said that? Me hihi

oh PS: be excited. just trust me, be excited kkk ? mwah!
love you butthead!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Friday!!

hello again dear readers
we here by declare every friday we post something here, as fashion friday!
welcome to our first fashion friday!
yes, ofcourse kitorg ni expert in fashion nak kasi advice2 fashion kat korg semua.. we are fashionistas, and we shall now guide you to the world of fashion pulak. ( first guide to awesomeness, now fashion, macam la bagus sangat penulis ni kan
ok guys just kidding, we are no fashionistas nor do we claim to be one, it was just a joke.tak gelak? go find yourself a funny bone and laugh already.We do have those times when we look back at our picture and go 'what was i thinking??'  BUT! like our previous previous post said, confidence is the key to it all! and so we are confident that we know our fashion. atleas the general idea of the do's and dont's in fashion.

our topic for today is: Funny Fashion. 
You know, like some stupid outfit org pakai boleh buat kita kata "KAU NI BIAR BETUL JANG??" 

1. Illusion clothing. 
this is great for those girls yang kawan korg semua hot stuff kecuali you, contohnya bila you keluar ngan kawan2 hot you nanti guys pandang kawan you tak pandang you kan, haa this is PERFECT for all those who fall in this category. Mmg gerenti laki, perempuan, budak kecik, budak besar,  pon akan pandang! if some weird man start trying to grope your behind, well you had it coming. haha your hot friends will no longer be the centre of attention, YOU WILL. problem solved!! hahaahahahaahahaha 
fashion advice: it will still look stupid BUT this skirt paling sesuai pakai dengan boots tinggi (look at pictures above)

 2. weird jewelleries
this is great for those of you yg lubang hidung sebelah kecik sebelah besar, kalau nak sama rata boleh beli lubang hidung ring ni. It makes your eyes pops out. Or for those yg nak jadi unique, lain dari lain, out of the world.... bla bla bla u get what i mean right?
fashion advice: get more normal jewelry, stop trying to be 'THE TRENDSETTER'. you're not, if you like it and a million others do too, so what? doesnt that mean you have awesome taste like the rest?

3. Clothes that covers whats not important but shows off those u need to cover more
did christina aguilera turned black?? hahahahaha..i know in "guide to awesomeness" post we mentioned 'flaunt your flauntables' but this is what u say going too far. yang kaki kau nak plak cover, yang tetek dan pepek sumpaah sikit lagi nak terkeluar, oh please save me from the misery. 

fashion advice: it's not getting hot in here with you showing of all your nasties. it's gonna get real wet with everyone barfing at the sight of you. cover up doll.

4. chocolates to eat, not to wear.

chocolates, we girls love our chocolates but on our body? not so much. maybe for some kinky people kind of sexy time but what is sexy about chocolate that makes you look like a walking pasu. and chocolate on your hair? weh colour rambut sudah!! chocolates belong innn the tummy of woman especially during PMS. boys, take note.

fashion advice: simple, eat your chocolates. wear chocolate COLOURED clothes if you love it so much. or buy chocolate scented perfume?

4. play safe, dont wear safe.

girl, save them for your you know what that you wished you didnt have but you dooo.( haha sucks to be you!)

if it was actually kain, we might actually consider. kudos on the choice of play safe colours though. you must smell like so many fruits, apple, nenas, blueberry,strawberry. YUMS?!

not even a good a colour on you. and whoooooo blew into them? hahaha

so im pretty sure, you guessed what these are. condom dresses! we know condoms are supposed to keep us safe but come on, not like this!!! imagine if the designers were recycle friendly people. tak pulak dia guna used condoms. eeeeeeeeew. that's nasty

fashion advice: oh god, is there really any advice we could give to people who digg this?

5.jeans pants, eh no bikini? eh wait pankinis?

what the hell is this?!confusing is what it is. if someone wore this my mimik muka would be like this :S:S:S:S

fashion advice: go to roxy (or any other surf shop) for your bikinis, im sure they dont sell this crap. 

theseee are only some of the funny fashion people come up with. honestly, what do the designers of these weird fashion hell nos think. how do you even come up with the idea? creative is one thing, but wether or not it's ridiculous is another. thinking outside the box might lead you just wayyyyyyyyyyy outside you don't even see the box. 

yeay for fashion friday!
beavis and butthead

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

birthday girl finally speaks the truth

this is she, ex birthday girl Linda.
was that a scary title? hihi don't worry truth is i only have good words for this one.
Just got back from birthday dinner with the family at Bangsar Seafood. yall should know, they have THE BEST butter crabs everrrrrrr. i like fatty crab too, but this is like food from the heavens. yums and this year's birthday dinner was super awesome because it was the first time M came with. yeay :)
so I'm 22 now and for all of you who wished that i had a good time/ awesome one/ great day ( super cliche  birthday wishes on facebook but it's the only thing to say sometimes kan? i do it too.) anyway,thank you and your wishes came true, i had the best this year.

i owe allot of thank yous to so many people for making me such a happy birthday kid. Thank you for all the presents, wishes, and hugs and kisses and the biggest thank you to my everyday favourites for all the effort. the suprise, and the little party at langat with everybody i love. because yall already know about the sweet suprise i got, lets talk about the little party i had. i invited the closest, we had loads of food steaks, pasta, steamboats, sausages, lots of glowsticks, and a little wild life invasion.

it has come to our attention that you readers are really lookers. you like pictures kan? so do we, so all pictures after this.

the theme was actually 'where the wild things are' hence the super berbulu hat
but no one really followed the theme. except me.i had animal prints on everything i wore, even my pajamas. haha

bibo's new haircut. 
had barbeque for dinner. orang asli ni bakarkan:P

my college sweethearts came tooo :D 

after dinner, we moved to the pool to what we thought would be a night long swim.
the pool was superrrrrrr pretty that night. yeay glowsticks!!

see i totally followed the theme! 
after a few pictures in the pool, we realised we were not alone :|
frogs, not one not two but like a wholeee family line full. eee benci katak!

bff and i. this was before we discovered the frogs, after that everyone just sat by the side eating steamboat. we're all for steamboat parties now!
 bedah and her beau athirah came too!

excited over glowsticks!

dont be fooled, this picture makes it seem like it was some kind of wet and wild rave party but we were really just full of glowsticks and buncit from steamboat.
 i love this picture of nab. :)
the next day, we woke up to half our morning breakfast eggs eaten by biawakk besakkkk. so i think, langat took the theme too seriously. the whole jungle decided they were invited to the party.oh an also, dogs appeared out of god knows where and ripped our garbage bags apart.

wan and his guitar. after that, he got chased by chickens. ayam weh, ayom kejar manusia ni. hahahahah told you the whole jungle invited themselves.

face massage anyone?

i jump you jump kind of situation. 

this boy was the busiest, making sure i had the time of my life. i know how much effort you put into this and trying to fulfil all my wants. thank you sooooooo much, for everything. if i could change anything, it would be to have you around more often then running around. i love you like no other bby

so linda is 22 and loving it, thanks to all of you.

oh and dont forget, the other half of this blog is turning 22 in 6 days! 

xxxx everybody. thanks for stopping by. don't forget to fill out the poll k?
nothing but love for yall,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Guide to Awesomeness

okay we don't think we're ALLLL that. but we're pretty happy and content with who we are. tiada soul searching lagi. because so many girls out there are so unhappy with themselves, we think we should lead you to the road of awesomenesss.. this one's for all the ladies out there who think they are not good enough, 
YOU ARE GIRLL, dont be hattin on yourselff!

  beavis and butthead's rules of awesomeness
1. take loads of pictures and look at em and go hmmmm cantik jugak aku ni! or if it's a bad angle, tell yourself ala satu je, lain semua cantik jugak. 
 CANTIKNYA WE OLZ NI! if we were boys, we would date ourselves like most definitely!
learn to laugh at your ugly pictures, dont take everything too seriously.

2.Stay away from negative haters. dont let them bring you down, you're just too awesome lah. so awesome that they hate you for it. 
situasi 1
 linda:eh cantik tak i pakai baju ni?
shareen: kau gila eh!? mabuk. pakai tu mcm gemuk badak. bagi i, i kurus. 

situasi 2
shareen: kalau i potong rambut cani sesuai tak?
esok; linda potong rambut camtu.
shareen pula beli baju yang linda pakai gemuk cam badak.

linda's new haircut

shareen's new dress.

sebab sebnanya, they want to be in the limelight. itu je sebab nak benci. but shareen and linda dont actually do this to each other kay. you crazy for believing. ahaha

3.dont be a doormat. people who make you feel like doormats are the same as negative haters. love the people who love you back. 

situasi 1
girlfriend : b jom klua? i lapar.
boyfriend jahat: i busy i ngan ex i ni. you lapa?gemuk kot. sudah sudah la tu makan. 
girlfriend: ok.
boyfriend jahat: i sempat kalau you nak datang rumah i pukul 2 pagi tapi kena balik kul 2:30 sebab mak i kata i punya bedtime 2:35 pagi. 

situasi 2
girlfriend: b jom klua?i lapar.
boyfriend baik: BOLEH!i amik you. u nak makan ape? mee rebus johor? nasi tumpang kelantan? anywhere you want b. i beli flight ticket skarang.
girlfriend: you make me smile like this :) tapi mamak sebelah rumah ni okay je, i lapa kan i kata. nak tunggu flight semua sumpah dinner besok baru i makan ni b. but thanks for being so sweet.
boyfriend baik: sure? kalau tak i naik flight sorang hantar kat you later. 

boyfriend of situasi 1, LEAVE RIGHT NOW. DON'T LOOK BACK. he's not going to change, honestly. stop lying to yourself and just leave before he 'chrisbrown's your ass.
boyfriend of situasi 2, is bawak kawin.

4. Like what you like.
like shareen, she reads manga which i (linda) think is weird and dorky. but she does it anyway, ditches me to read it lagi. 
and like linda, doesnt read a single book. i (shareen) dont think she's ever even finished a sentence. hahaha the only things she reads are her textbooks which i find weird because books are awesome to me. ( k maybe im dorky like that kay I DONT CARE)
and like some people sit down and memorize the dictionary for fun. yea, for fun. now that's messed up but keep doing what you love even when everybody is partying it up in changkat ( tak ah cool mane sebnanya kan but whatever)

shareen likes this. and linda is making faces. haha

5.Embrace yourself.No matter what size, flaunt your flauntables. (PS: don't put flauntables in your essays, it's not a real word)
if you have big boobs, flaunt.
if you have big yummmy thighs, flaunt.
if you have very long legs, flaunt.
if you have lovehandles, flaunt.
if you super skinny, its okay you have so much more choices to shop from including the kids department which sell pretty stuff and so much cheaper
lets have a flaunt party!!
think positive, your boobs are not too big or too small. your thighs are perfect and your long legs make you models. 

We are awesome because we have all the confidence in the world. We only complain about ourselves when we are PMSing, itu pon jarang sekali. because we love who we are and tak kisah la orang kata kita perasan cos we got it like that. haha We and you are gorgeous just the way we are (lagu bruno mars berkumandang kan tetiba?)

All the confidence in the world looks like this, gorgeous aren't we?:D        
we hope this helps bring out the awesomeness in you because really, there's awesome in everyone. So have fun with yourself, dont think like a pervert kay. this blog is family friendly. 
heaps of love and confidence to share,
beavis and butthead

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beavis turns 22 today!!!

Happy Birthday Lindado0o0o0o0o0oooo!!!!!
ok you guys u better wish my bestie here happy birthday. she is officially 22 (damn your old, perangai mcm 18 lagi tapi, grow up girl!) just kingking hihi.. i love yaa lauren! sooo sooo much i wanna kiss you now and make m jealous! 

birthday cake for linda

this was yesterday as we did a little surprise for linda at the studio.. believe me although it looked simple kucar kacir jugak la semua org. hope you like it baby girl! and dont forget theres a huuge party waiting for ya tom =D
want to know what i got ya? jeng jeng jeeennnggg... waiiit for it..........................................
lunch with me at any mcD outlet.. of your choice!!! including a whole variety of dessert!!! valid till 25th of january.. ok actually i havent got you one but ill get you something soon.
may we have 10000 more birthdays to celebrate

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cara cara menaip zaman ini yang membuat orang c0rNfu3e !

hello again,
today we feel like embracing our nationality.
jadi hari ini, blog ini akan ditulis dalam bahasa Melayu but we still might slip in some english k.
jangan la judge, BM masa SPM si penulis ni dapat C okay? hampa tau, lagi lagi dah pegi tuisyen Cikgu Razman. rasa macam nak email para para pe-mark kertas macam eh you olz PMS eh masa right paper kita?
haha okay SPM terlalu lama dahulu untuk kesal sekarang.

hari ini, we nak sentuh perkara yang mungkin sensitive bagi sesetengah pihak tapi ia harus ditegur. Pernah tak online facebook dapat message dari AbG_r0yC3 cakap h3yz b0l3h k3nal!?!?>> jadi hari ini, we nak cakap pasal cara cara menaip yang boleh dibuat gaduh sebab pening sangat dan mengambil masa 10 minit untuk baca sentence yang hanya 4 patah perkataan. orang-orang yang tulis macam ni boleh bahagi kepada beberapa kategori.

1. perkataan- perkataan yang di eja menggunakan nombor.
 a. H3y 4w4k 4p3 k48ar? (hey awak apa khabar?)
 b. t0l0n9 c0mm3nt 94mb4 k1t3(tolong comment gamba kita)
c. 4w4k n1 k10t la (awak ni cute la)

kepada si penulis dalam categori ni,berapa lama awak ambil untuk tulis satu ayat? kenapa awak nak membazir masa awak untuk memikirkan nombor yang serupa dengan perkataan ini. bukan sahaja awak membazir masa awak, tetapi kami si pembaca ni. dah elok elok dekat laptop ni cukup huruf kenapa kena buat consep etnik kreatif sangat gunakan nombor nombor jugak?

2.perkataan- perkataan besar kecik besar kecik.
a. HaIiii wAt pE tUuU? SiBuKk kE? (hai buat ape tu? sibuk ke?)
b. SoRrY gAnGgU, nAk KeNaL BoLeH? (sorry ganggu, nak kenal boleh?)

Oh My My mY! kenapa aktif sangat jari jemari tu nak kena shift tak shift , shift tak shift. yang ini ada dua contoh je sebab lagi penat dari imitasi penulis kategori pertama. dan untuk pengetahuan orang orang suka tanya seperti (B) the answer is hell no yaw. sAkIt MaTta KiTa KaLaU SmS.

3. Perkataan dan ayat-ayat yang terlebih penanda wacana dan symbol-symbol.
a. HAI!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!!!! Buat Ape tu!?!?!!!!!!!!!!,,,... (hai! buat ape tu?
b. b!la [arut m@lam,.... +ara k(_)ca ,......,,` +ara k(_)ca kacir. ( bila larut malam, tara kuca.tara kuca kacir)
c. $!ap@ b![@n9 9ad!s meL@yu x(darab punya sign) meNa1!?!?!?!!!! ( siapa bilang gadis melayu tak menawan)

?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! marah sanga pesal ha?!!???!!??!?! kau pehal!>!``~~~ nak Gaduh!?!?!~`>>,<

4. perkataan perkataan yang dipendekkan over over.
a. ap masla aw? (apa masalah awak)
b. tgn cya mls sgnt utuk taib elk2 ( tangan saya malas sangat unuk type elok elok)
c. buzz 0:00 a tlis pno2 ( bazir masa la tulis penuh penuh)

ya Allah para penulis, beza dia dua saat je kot.

5. perkataan perkataan yang di campur w dan z dan x yang tak perlu secara excessive (dan juga diganti dengan huruf huruf tersebut)
a. awakx niwz owankz kewz aliyenz ejaw banyak zangawt wxzzz niwz? (awak ni orang ke alien eja banyak sangat wxz ni?)
b. kiyutz nyew owankz dalam profilez niw (cute nya orang dalam profile ni)

dan kategori ni paling kronikals of narnia, orang yang campur semua kategori ini.
a. k!t3w w!ndu c@r+ aW0kz!!??~~!~````
b. m3! i Pl3As3 H4d y0(_)'r3 nOmB(_)r ?!?
c. n4h! K!t3w w4r+ r0$3 t0k 4w4k! @--->---

sebnanya banyak lagi tapi penat dah nak menulis camni. dah 2 jam tulis tau!

sebab segala apa yang ditulis sangat confusing, ada kemungkinan besar akan dapat layanan macam ni, dari kebanyakan orang:
a.faham pon idok,bunyi macam nak pinjam kereta. ada c@r la nampak.
b. my name is not m3! k.you want to had my are number? tapi i tak bagi lagi macam mane dah had ni?
c. tak paham satu benda pon dalam sentence awak kecuali tok. dan tok tok jangan main ah bro.

or maybe not, ramai je yang the c0rNfu3e penulisan work both ways. dua dua pon sama.
apa yang kitorang nak cakap adalah, tiada kebaikkan langsung para para penulis bahasa c0rnfu3e tulis camtu melainkan tujuan sebenar anda adalah untuk tulis secara code. konon nak beberapa orang je la faham. tapi tolong lah, kalau tujuan anda adalah untuk tampil lebih berpersonaliti atau put some spice into this awesome sauce, atau untuk dapat awek (GELAK GULING GULING BESAR BESAR TAK INGAT DUNIA) anda menghala ke jalan yang salah! takde orang nak baca penulisan fancy pancy terbalik tunggang langgang awak tu. buang masa, buang tenaga gelak dan quite honestly tambah dosa. kena la admit kesalahan kita dah kalau nak tunjuk kesalahan orang tak gitu?

panjang sangat dah ni, thanks for reading my attempt at bahasa ibunda.
akhir kata, write right !

xxx, L!nD4 anz``` Ch3w3eN !$r3eN !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our fabulous New years and loads of pictures to prooooove

hello,curiousity is what brought you here.
dahhh tak payah indeniyal, you know you clicked it because you just want to know kan? 
so we're going to feed your curiousity again today.
before anything, HAPPY NEW YEARRRR!
hehe i know it's way over tapi it's the thought that counts kan?
speaking of thoughts that count, super duper awesome linda, almost as awesome as me but dia lebih sikittt,punya birthday is next thursday. jangan la lupa, and thoughts count but presents count better. (shareen yang tulis tau ni promise :P) hahaha. sorry i lari topic when i think of Linda. that totally just sold it kan?
ok la, ni linda. i love myself like that. love yourself before loving others kay you allz. jangan over sudah.
so about new year, shareen and i have been celebrating new year's together since we were 18! 4 years in a row! and it's always awesome every year. 
but hands down, i gotta say this year tops the list. we had a barbeque je actually. sounds so cliche and boring and like ak alaaa aku nya lagi best clubbing kat zouk, changkat, rootz, dancing dancing lagu techno, club, pakai baju warna warni supaya semuaaa hot boyz nampak walaupun dorang pakai cermin mata gelap dalam kelab, malam. (TAKDE MATAHARI BOLEH?!) okay im sorry if i offended anyone, but im sure yours was awesome too. 
ours was simple, but it was just what we wanted. games by the pool some good scrumptious food and the topping on the cake would be the awesome company we had. (terbayang cake bertopping manusia rupa macam shareen dengan i kan?!) 
im going to stop writing now, and picture overload starts here (makesure to read the captions too k!) :)
yumsss, this was dinner and breakfast the next day!
this is dan, official grill boy of the night.THANKS DAN! everything was cooked perfect except some sausages abit once you go black, cannot go back.
and this is Chef Aled.he cooked semuanya sedap belaka! all the single ladies, kuat makan? Chef Aled is your other half.haha tapi kalau you kuatt sangattt makan mungkin Chef Aled tak boleh dukung sweet sweet k.

this is azwan. dia memang camni, kalau dah ambik gamba guitar terbakar ke kaki terbakar ke tak perasan.

this is que, Shareen's boyfriend.
aaaaaaaaaai(is when this picture was taken) keeel you!!!!!!!!

muka kenyang. except Que, im not quite sure what muka that is. hihihi
bibo aswan, all pictures of our getaway was taken by this awesome one!

the next day, loads of fun in the water all day
group pictureeee,heyyy. sedih M takde, he was always busy running around because he's the sweetest thing ever :)

after that picture, everybody went crazy! 

everyone started posing with the water hose.haha
i jump you catch kay!

nad : THIS IS MY WATER HOSE! (in scary exorcist-ish voice)

 and then M got the hos. i honestly dont know if i'm even spelling hos right. haha malas nak check
i wear the pants in this relationship! he's not bullying, kan? 

my monkey boy being the monkey he is. :D

azwan, bullied after bullying. kacau lagi anak anak ayam aku!

this was supposed to be the girls picture. 
but wan belongs sometimes. :P
background music : yang macam bila shark datang tu. 

aled : eh you call i balik boleh tak i tengah terbang ni.

easy,breezy,beautiful. Covergirl.


i was singing, i can make it through the rain dengan penuh heart. but obviously i can't. ahaha

aled pon nak.

macam couple yang tengah malu malu, baru nak mengorat stage kan?
dont be fooled, two years the day this was taken  (as in 1st january, best kan new year anniversary!)
we do the antlers allot, influenced by bibo. so cute kan?:D

okay dah, told you picture overload!
i hope i didnt offend anyone in this post. if i did, im sorry. but you know you giggled a little right? 
and i hope everyone had a new year's as awesome as ours. 
may this year be good to all of yall, and us too 

oh before you leave, help us fill the pole on the right pretty please?

lots of loveee,

the awesome owners of this blog :)
xxx thanks for reading