Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hulahoops make me sad.

hulahoops. i've never been good at it. why?! i remember being jilus of those that rocked at it. damn all your hips dont lie. nothing to do with my post actually. hahha saja nak cara lebih kreatif atnik kontemporeri cakap helo. ye poyo tau!

updates from over here,
1. we went all over kl looking for polaroid films for M's camera. SUSAHEST cause it seems everyone keeps buying them all. after three days we finally found a shop that had allot and we bought probably, most of it? hihih tamak habula. so i've had these ikea boards that M bought me 4 years(before we started dating.im not very sure whyy he got them for me) ago that i have finallyyy, unwrapped. hehehehe so motivated to finish it with tons of lomos and polaroids and you know, nice stuff from wherever. i've alwaysss wanted to print pictures and put em up but this proves how much a procrastinatorrr i am. so finally,
tadaaaa! hahahah well atleast i unwrapped it. and when i finish this board, ONLY 3 MORE TO GO!i seem to be using the polaroid camera more than my birthday boy. hihihi

my new room. hahahah tipu gila, siap ada watermark kat gamba. googled it, butt i am looking for ideas.why?
2. the roof in my room is slowly falling on me, no like literally and seriously. so my awesome mama has made orders that i go find new bed, new almari, new everything for my room because she is re-doing my whole room ! yeayyyyy! so the boards of pictures i will only put up when my room is finally done. CANNOT WAIT!:D

3. college is killing me. i think i chose the hardest of subjects to dean's list this semester. i want to cry thinking about my plan sendiri orang asli trip for anthropology, i do the face in palm everytime i research for my abnormal psych research proposal, AND when i think about my paper on world religion and also my non-existant interview with the jains for my interview video.oh cannot forget my research for research methods (PS Sarah if you're reading im on it kay! promise. :D) . kill me now please? okay over, orang yang nak bunuh diri so over to me. kikiki but, yah i am slowly dying and dealing with my stress with food. (a little voice in my head goes: YOU FAT FART!!!) Working at the same time is not helping either, but i need the money. and cherry on top would bee mid terms next weeek. SAVE ME.
this is me at an orang asli vilage. so i've actually already gone to it but it was for another class. criesssss.

4. i get a little smile when i think of this though;
I SEE YOUR FACE GOING :O .don't go calling your friends now, im not preggers. thiss is my baby niece/nephew as of today 11 weeks! not even here yet, and so much love for you running around out here. i cannot waittt! Insya Allah if everything goes well, I will be the happiest aunt in September. I am going to spoil you with everything, :) So with that, all your prayers for the safety of this little one, and my sister inlaw who has the comelest tummy sekarang i will appreciate sampai bila bila

5. girls and i(girls as in normally sarah,ckat and i je. but still awesome!) are planning to watch terima kasih cinta and i will soon tell yall how it went. hopefully worth the money we pay.somehow, when all my girls are back, we dont do much girls night out. when everyone's back far far away than we get together every week? what the hey sikit kan? haha
last lunch at alexis with everybody. Months ago ;'(
anddd this was us, when we were allot more embarassing. hahahaaha but i have to admit to it being some of the best days evah. super miss and yes that is who you think it is. :D

6. i know this is wayhayhayhay over due but because i've been friend with this boy so long and i cannot remember the last picture i took with you,
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ADIB! and i also like my top in here, though i look horrifying and super humangous ape ape lah. haha

so that's about it. i wouldnt say i am busy, but i feel like i am. ohhhh, and i've started on treadmill at home again! yeayyy, i tried taking a picture. i look like a very very pink out of breathe senang cite tak patut tunjuk la gamba tu. haha 

nothing but love for yall, 

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