Thursday, March 31, 2011

online shopping

helo helooo from brisbane
haha posing with guitar konon. say hello to my vocalist
ok this was prob 2 weeks ago.. i aint got no new pictures coz this guy over here havent uploaded any and he's the only one taking pictures hahaha..

sorry for not updating this blog for almost 2 weeks.. ive been busy with test and mid sems and house stuff i dont have the time to sit and write.. i got soo many things on my mind that my stress made me get my period twice!! ok i shouldnt put it up here tp i cannot tell linda!! she's not around!!
she's at redang now having a wonderful time while im stuck here in the rain sangap sbb takde _____ so i might aswell just tell you guys.

well even when we were all busy and doing our uni work and stuff.. theres always time for online shopping! *jumps up and down* =) nyahaha
supre did the 50% off all sales stuff online so i was all hyped and terus msg linda like "where are you? if your home im online shopping at supre i give u 20 minutes to decide" 
i even got one of my housemate to join so we could split up the 8dollars shipping fee
the packaged arrived yesterday

woohoo! i bought 6 bottoms(shorts skirts pants), and 3 tops.. the rest are all linda's.. yeah mengade plak linda ni tp i dont really mind her 5 tops cost me abt 15dollars je, one top was abt 2.50 soo chip and nais! and i bought more the day before from the store itself.. im gonna borrow it before i go back. i mean i shouldnt just let them in the closet with nothing to do ritee?

some tips about shopping online:
1. make sure u know your size
play safe here dont think ur a size 10 if you are actually a size 12. I know ppl tend to do this coz they cant accept reality but try not to when u are considering online shopping. If you are not sure if u will fit the dress/top/bottoms, ask for a size chart or the measurements. You are the customer here.

2. Make sure the seller is reliable
check for comments or ratings if you are on ebay. And google around to see if there are any complaints againts the site you are dealing with. 

3. Check the materials 
some things just look better in pictures. I hate buying things online then get dissapointed because of the materials *slaps head*

4. Only buy what you will deffinitely wear.
enuff said.

5. dont get addicted to online shopping. your ass might get bigger before the parcel arrives.

one of the things i bought from ebay last week was sent to afiques place instead! grrrrr now i have to wait weeks before i get to see it  >(

well i better get back to studying.. next time i'll show u my house.. or is that showing off?
hmmm.. ill think about it

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally,Fashion Friday : Stereotypes

first of all, it's very important i start of by saying that i do not mean to offend anyone. kay? This is just observation, my own observation. That some particular fashion choices belong to particular types of people, in KL atleast. I honestly, stereotype people with what they wear and i have decided that i should share some. Sikit je, promise ! Oh and if i do offend you, you get to tell me and also make fun of me with all the pictures below. Sometimes i don't know why i do this to myself. hahaha so here goes nothing

Stereotype 1: Stripe tshirt, seluar ketat (atau carrot cut) = rempit
I looked so horible i couldnt bare look at my face in this. hahahahaha and yes i notice the size of my thighs tooo

Stereotype 2:Polo Shirt pop the collar =  macho.HAHAHAHAHA YOU WISH
i don't know who told you this is sexy/ macho. They don't like you and they lied to you big time.

 i don't own a polo shirt. this was the best i had.hahahahahaha ini contoh cara kemungkinan akan posing kat dalam facebook.
ada kemungkinan pakai sunglasses dalam club jugak.

...............omg im totally killing me right now.
Stereotype 3: Cermin mata dalam club, shopping mall = drug abusers, the too cool for school clan. Or just really getting the wrong idea of  sunglasses.they put the word SUN there for a reason you know, as in the need of sun to wear sunglasses.

hand on forehead to gimik as in wow!! panasnya lampu tungsten niiii!muka ketat sebab macam drug abused kan? or like panas kind. hahahahaha
Stereotype 3 : Leather jacket= bikers, or wished they were bikers. 
 that's the closest thing i got to a leather jacket okay? and that's me on an imaginary big motorbike.i don't look all that bad as a biker chick, jangan tekejut esok i pakai je jacket panas macam sauna ni kemana jua hahah and dont mind the pink,purple nails( so tak biker)
Stereotype 4: DSLR di keliling leher= pavilion kids.
Wanders around kl,standing around taking pictures of their “models”

 okay fine, i googled the camera pasted it on my picture and drew strings on my neck. great editing skills kan?!

contoh model dia. SOMETIMES k. sometimes.

Stereotype 5: Rambut depan tutup mata,baju biasanya gelap dan merah sikit, and celak =emo child. peminat my chemical romance, berminat bunuh diri jugak mungkin.

seriousss the nails are cramping my style. i started sneezing trying to look for something that has red and black in it so i got malas and just posed.

okay ni last, suprisingly i didnt have anything that was applicable to this one walaupun im quite a big fan and also i penat.

Stereotype 6: semuanya 6 kali ganda size yang sepatutnya : Hip Hop representtt!
sooo i decided to draw him. hahahah kasut selalunya air, adidas atau nike. semua benda oversized. and biru tu earphone tau,also oversized!

fashion is obviously something of personal taste. which ever you belong to, tak salah. Maybe it is to me but but at the end of the day, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO WEAR. dah kutuk kutuk orang nak wear what you want to wear plak kan? boleh mcm tu? boleh linda? hahaha well despite stuff that i've said in today's post, remember i am nobody to judge you pon, i am only somebody with an oppinion.(Just Pls jangan pop collar pls boys pls? satu ni je mintak) i may talk behind your back, tapi i yang salah you tak salah pon mengexpress diri. but if you want to listen to me and my fashion observations go ahead jugak.hahah and hopefully yall can take a joke, and had a great laugh with this one. like me, gelak kat diri sendiri.omggg i hope i dont end up on one of those websites.i suddenly dont think i am fit for psychology major.

more than anything, this post is about being yourself no matter what i say, they say, society says, and everyone else. I like hiphop and if i was thinner would so totally rock the awek bgirl style. haha kay kidding but you get my point right?

to being yourself people,
nothing but love for yall,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bag it in

hey there, its been awhile
i got back from melb last week but we still dont have internet over here thanks to stupid telstra for taking their own sweet time to install our phones now im using some mobile broadband for the time-being but i gotta say its quite fast although limited quota means i cant stream videos anytime soon.

anyways i didnt take alot of pictures when i was there, im no longer like i was 4 years ago where everywhere i go i take pictures and post it on the blogs.. i wish i was though but afique makes me carry it everywhere in my bag tp bukan dia nak amik gamba pon. 

let me tell all you ppl something. 
1. Just because a girl carries a big bag does not mean she wants to fill it to the brim. Its only because it matches our outfit and we can fill it if WE want to
2. Although u might say its only an extra wallet, it weights practically nothing. or its just another bottle of water takde beza pon. But let me tell you something guys.. ADA BEZA. no matter how small it is. ADA BEZA. might not be for the first 5 minutes but the next 3 hours is gonna be hell for us. 
3. We dont like to carry ur keys or wallets or anything because it makes our shoulders hurt. U bawak u carry. U want to put it somewhere U bring ur own man-bag. If not tak payah la
4. U guys should try carrying a handbag for a week and then u might understand that we are actually exercising everyday with 1-3kg of weights on our shoulders walking around.
dont u girls agree with me here?
i am suffering from shoulder ache because of these heavy lifting hahaha
anyways some pictures while i was there
first day i arrived i was soo tired from all the moving
panas tapi sejuk
this is so blurry i got better pictures but im layzayh anyway its ezan! on the rooftop. nice place i love it
naz and que. the screen back there is the cinema, its quite a nice place where u sit on the rooftop and watch movies
some festival i fogot. german? italy? something la 
we had a huugee burger for lunch got full couldnt walk then later at night we had steak and pizza.
the awesome italian pizza. afique ate two slices and finished his big steak while i ate the rest of the pizza myself =) 
no wonder both of us gained weight in that week
i love candy store but i couldnt buy one till i ate dinner but lepas dinner dowan dah

alright thats it sorry this isnt as interesting as you would expect it to be but thanks for reading up till here.. 
oooohh before i go something interesting happened yesterday. i saw this riiighhhttt infront of my porch.
im sorry its not clear though. buuutt im sure u can see its more than 10 colourfull parrots!! this is like 15 meters away from me( im not good with distant estimation actually,but it was really near). coz my house is on the third floor and this tree is just infront of us. And right now im looking at 2 white parrots big ones. i cant take pictures coz i cant find my camera but i'll show u what it looks like
its this one. only the yellow thing is up i donno what that means.
yup u got it. my house is a zoo. theres other animals around.. turkeys, birds, possum, squirrels.. i wake up everyday because of them. mcm kat resort. tp annoying. 
alright im going to class now. hope u guys have a lovely week. 
ps: lindadoo ofcourse i miss youuuu sgt sgt.. i online msn for u to tegur me duuuhhh...
lots of love
shareen ween ween

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

i am rather happy/sad today. been pretty happy all week till i thought about stuff today.
kay happy thoughts first all the time!
i got the coolest camera evah!wansi????
tadaaa! init cute? it's a lego camera! and yes it's a real camera!andd it's real. want to see what it's pictures look like?

flash on!
flash off!

relax, i know it's the cutest thing you've seen since.. me? haha so here is some faqs i have been getting for the absolute cutest thing in the world.

Where'd you get it?  
oh myguss, if i could get paid for the number of people who asked me this, i would be jutawan fakir (linda) by now. i'm just going to be honest la okay. NO ONE likes to see stuff they've just gotten with other people but at the same time we all wanna show it off. get me? or in other words we are all selpish, well atleast i can admit i am :)  i've been avoiding this question for that particular reason. and im sorry but after a few days, i have decided it wouldnt be fair pon at the end of the day i bought it because its for sale for everyone. 
so i'm going to answer this once, here only, if you don't read this blog too bad.

only the awesomest/cheapest lomo shop i know around the area. 
and they also have a shop in ss2, it's a house opposite pohkong. not very easy to spot, but you can always just order online cause that's what i did and only took like less then 24 hours to get to me:D

how much?
rm 280 (cheapest i've seen so far and no thanks dont tell me if you got it for cheaper you know it's just annoying right?)

pros and cons?
very old-ish sorta lomo-ish look to the pictures
cheap, and pretty simple basic stuff. 
good for making people go omg!so awesome .hehe
superrrrrrr light, lighter than my torch.

major distortion in pictures. as you can see in the pictures above,i look kembang. stop wondering, i did not gain that much weight. i think? right? haha now i donno.
almost doesnt work at all at night.
too basic for some i guess?

do you like it?
i dooo! i really do, puts me back to my childhood. M and i went looking for lego to put on it the other day!but legos so expensive, i could only afford the monkey boy and the surfer girl cause it was the cheapest (at rm10 each!!still expensive to me) ohh i forgot to tell you, it works as in you can pull them apart build things and stuff,but you cant pull the whole body of the camera itself apart. comes with a couple of pieces of lego for you to get creative with! and, it really does what it says it does, take pictures.and it makes me smile everytmime i look at it!

oh! and i also got some film for my holga last week, anddd first role of film developed so puas hatily! i havent scanned them and will soon but here's a few from a role i took a year back.

my skin is fine, my holga is built in with colour flash! i can choose to be red, blue or yellow anytime i want! but i dont know, i don't think the holga is for everyone. need allot of patience for one thing.the first 3 roles of my films didnt come out at all,which i think most probably everyone will go through. but i loveeee the holga, for the colour and for it's lack of technology and effort it takes to do. fully manual tau semua orang! which really makes it awesome, the joy of going to the kedai gamba and getting your done picturessssssssssss. super duper smiles:) will scan the new prints sooon!

so FAQs you might have right now? im just going to guess k.
where is shareen?
i don't know either. the only way i 'communicate' with her is through twitter. tak comunicate sangat la, i just read her tweets. last i heard she's back in brisbane with no internet. :| which was my expression when i read it because that's not going to work for this blog now is itt. it's more of me and me here and here if like that. so sad!haha

do you miss her?
yes, like loads. but i dont think she misses me. she misses afique too much, she forgets to miss me. haha but it's all she ever says (on twitter)
are guys okay?
we're fine. despite the distance, lack of communications, we have brain signals to each other telling us we're alright. right shareen? right?!?! ke ayem tepuk sebelah tangan!

why are suddenly so poyoly into cameras?
tak so suddenly, because you don't know me and you haven't had a decent conversation with me that's why you're just assuming. i've had the holga for about three years now and i've always been fascinated with lomo pictures but it's an expensive thing to do so i dont do it allot. because printing and films cause allot more if i do it everyday compared to buying a single digital camera. which i also have. :D

why are you so boring?
funny i was asking myself the same question.

which is why im going to stop here, i just realized i only wrote about cameras this time. and only the two i know off. haha but seriously, this week has only been about taking my cameras out, and exams.and then at the end of the week to celebrate my freedom(from midterms je kecoh gila kan?!) i went on a little girls getaway, just for a night. not even far, but still totally awesome. now, im going to be quiet for awhile( if i am capable) because i have so much to do before my semester ends. but i'll probably still write a little sometimes.

oh and lastly, all my prayers go to the victims and people of the affected countries of tsunami and earth quake. keat told me, the creater of hello kitty died in the earth quake in japan :'( thank you, for my teman tidur when i was growing up.

the fact that you read it up to here,you must really love me. hehe so you deserve a smooch
nothing but love for yalls,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hulahoops make me sad.

hulahoops. i've never been good at it. why?! i remember being jilus of those that rocked at it. damn all your hips dont lie. nothing to do with my post actually. hahha saja nak cara lebih kreatif atnik kontemporeri cakap helo. ye poyo tau!

updates from over here,
1. we went all over kl looking for polaroid films for M's camera. SUSAHEST cause it seems everyone keeps buying them all. after three days we finally found a shop that had allot and we bought probably, most of it? hihih tamak habula. so i've had these ikea boards that M bought me 4 years(before we started not very sure whyy he got them for me) ago that i have finallyyy, unwrapped. hehehehe so motivated to finish it with tons of lomos and polaroids and you know, nice stuff from wherever. i've alwaysss wanted to print pictures and put em up but this proves how much a procrastinatorrr i am. so finally,
tadaaaa! hahahah well atleast i unwrapped it. and when i finish this board, ONLY 3 MORE TO GO!i seem to be using the polaroid camera more than my birthday boy. hihihi

my new room. hahahah tipu gila, siap ada watermark kat gamba. googled it, butt i am looking for ideas.why?
2. the roof in my room is slowly falling on me, no like literally and seriously. so my awesome mama has made orders that i go find new bed, new almari, new everything for my room because she is re-doing my whole room ! yeayyyyy! so the boards of pictures i will only put up when my room is finally done. CANNOT WAIT!:D

3. college is killing me. i think i chose the hardest of subjects to dean's list this semester. i want to cry thinking about my plan sendiri orang asli trip for anthropology, i do the face in palm everytime i research for my abnormal psych research proposal, AND when i think about my paper on world religion and also my non-existant interview with the jains for my interview video.oh cannot forget my research for research methods (PS Sarah if you're reading im on it kay! promise. :D) . kill me now please? okay over, orang yang nak bunuh diri so over to me. kikiki but, yah i am slowly dying and dealing with my stress with food. (a little voice in my head goes: YOU FAT FART!!!) Working at the same time is not helping either, but i need the money. and cherry on top would bee mid terms next weeek. SAVE ME.
this is me at an orang asli vilage. so i've actually already gone to it but it was for another class. criesssss.

4. i get a little smile when i think of this though;
I SEE YOUR FACE GOING :O .don't go calling your friends now, im not preggers. thiss is my baby niece/nephew as of today 11 weeks! not even here yet, and so much love for you running around out here. i cannot waittt! Insya Allah if everything goes well, I will be the happiest aunt in September. I am going to spoil you with everything, :) So with that, all your prayers for the safety of this little one, and my sister inlaw who has the comelest tummy sekarang i will appreciate sampai bila bila

5. girls and i(girls as in normally sarah,ckat and i je. but still awesome!) are planning to watch terima kasih cinta and i will soon tell yall how it went. hopefully worth the money we pay.somehow, when all my girls are back, we dont do much girls night out. when everyone's back far far away than we get together every week? what the hey sikit kan? haha
last lunch at alexis with everybody. Months ago ;'(
anddd this was us, when we were allot more embarassing. hahahaaha but i have to admit to it being some of the best days evah. super miss and yes that is who you think it is. :D

6. i know this is wayhayhayhay over due but because i've been friend with this boy so long and i cannot remember the last picture i took with you,
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ADIB! and i also like my top in here, though i look horrifying and super humangous ape ape lah. haha

so that's about it. i wouldnt say i am busy, but i feel like i am. ohhhh, and i've started on treadmill at home again! yeayyy, i tried taking a picture. i look like a very very pink out of breathe senang cite tak patut tunjuk la gamba tu. haha 

nothing but love for yall,