Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finally,Fashion Friday : Stereotypes

first of all, it's very important i start of by saying that i do not mean to offend anyone. kay? This is just observation, my own observation. That some particular fashion choices belong to particular types of people, in KL atleast. I honestly, stereotype people with what they wear and i have decided that i should share some. Sikit je, promise ! Oh and if i do offend you, you get to tell me and also make fun of me with all the pictures below. Sometimes i don't know why i do this to myself. hahaha so here goes nothing

Stereotype 1: Stripe tshirt, seluar ketat (atau carrot cut) = rempit
I looked so horible i couldnt bare look at my face in this. hahahahaha and yes i notice the size of my thighs tooo

Stereotype 2:Polo Shirt pop the collar =  macho.HAHAHAHAHA YOU WISH
i don't know who told you this is sexy/ macho. They don't like you and they lied to you big time.

 i don't own a polo shirt. this was the best i had.hahahahahaha ini contoh cara kemungkinan akan posing kat dalam facebook.
ada kemungkinan pakai sunglasses dalam club jugak.

...............omg im totally killing me right now.
Stereotype 3: Cermin mata dalam club, shopping mall = drug abusers, the too cool for school clan. Or just really getting the wrong idea of  sunglasses.they put the word SUN there for a reason you know, as in the need of sun to wear sunglasses.

hand on forehead to gimik as in wow!! panasnya lampu tungsten niiii!muka ketat sebab macam drug abused kan? or like panas kind. hahahahaha
Stereotype 3 : Leather jacket= bikers, or wished they were bikers. 
 that's the closest thing i got to a leather jacket okay? and that's me on an imaginary big motorbike.i don't look all that bad as a biker chick, jangan tekejut esok i pakai je jacket panas macam sauna ni kemana jua hahah and dont mind the pink,purple nails( so tak biker)
Stereotype 4: DSLR di keliling leher= pavilion kids.
Wanders around kl,standing around taking pictures of their “models”

 okay fine, i googled the camera pasted it on my picture and drew strings on my neck. great editing skills kan?!

contoh model dia. SOMETIMES k. sometimes.

Stereotype 5: Rambut depan tutup mata,baju biasanya gelap dan merah sikit, and celak =emo child. peminat my chemical romance, berminat bunuh diri jugak mungkin.

seriousss the nails are cramping my style. i started sneezing trying to look for something that has red and black in it so i got malas and just posed.

okay ni last, suprisingly i didnt have anything that was applicable to this one walaupun im quite a big fan and also i penat.

Stereotype 6: semuanya 6 kali ganda size yang sepatutnya : Hip Hop representtt!
sooo i decided to draw him. hahahah kasut selalunya air, adidas atau nike. semua benda oversized. and biru tu earphone tau,also oversized!

fashion is obviously something of personal taste. which ever you belong to, tak salah. Maybe it is to me but but at the end of the day, WEAR WHAT YOU WANT TO WEAR. dah kutuk kutuk orang nak wear what you want to wear plak kan? boleh mcm tu? boleh linda? hahaha well despite stuff that i've said in today's post, remember i am nobody to judge you pon, i am only somebody with an oppinion.(Just Pls jangan pop collar pls boys pls? satu ni je mintak) i may talk behind your back, tapi i yang salah you tak salah pon mengexpress diri. but if you want to listen to me and my fashion observations go ahead jugak.hahah and hopefully yall can take a joke, and had a great laugh with this one. like me, gelak kat diri sendiri.omggg i hope i dont end up on one of those websites.i suddenly dont think i am fit for psychology major.

more than anything, this post is about being yourself no matter what i say, they say, society says, and everyone else. I like hiphop and if i was thinner would so totally rock the awek bgirl style. haha kay kidding but you get my point right?

to being yourself people,
nothing but love for yall,


  1. funnyla u. will remember that. no pop collars eh? hehe i think its okay with what u wear as long as ure comfortable at it?

    tapi bila yg tak patut ngan cuaca negara tu agak kelakar jugakla kan?

    lol. i guess there is rational to it but ppl still follows their hearts

  2. exactly my point!i can keep talking and talking about what i like and dont like about how people dress but at the end of it you decide kan? thanks for reading Aiman!:) - linda