Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bag it in

hey there, its been awhile
i got back from melb last week but we still dont have internet over here thanks to stupid telstra for taking their own sweet time to install our phones now im using some mobile broadband for the time-being but i gotta say its quite fast although limited quota means i cant stream videos anytime soon.

anyways i didnt take alot of pictures when i was there, im no longer like i was 4 years ago where everywhere i go i take pictures and post it on the blogs.. i wish i was though but afique makes me carry it everywhere in my bag tp bukan dia nak amik gamba pon. 

let me tell all you ppl something. 
1. Just because a girl carries a big bag does not mean she wants to fill it to the brim. Its only because it matches our outfit and we can fill it if WE want to
2. Although u might say its only an extra wallet, it weights practically nothing. or its just another bottle of water takde beza pon. But let me tell you something guys.. ADA BEZA. no matter how small it is. ADA BEZA. might not be for the first 5 minutes but the next 3 hours is gonna be hell for us. 
3. We dont like to carry ur keys or wallets or anything because it makes our shoulders hurt. U bawak u carry. U want to put it somewhere U bring ur own man-bag. If not tak payah la
4. U guys should try carrying a handbag for a week and then u might understand that we are actually exercising everyday with 1-3kg of weights on our shoulders walking around.
dont u girls agree with me here?
i am suffering from shoulder ache because of these heavy lifting hahaha
anyways some pictures while i was there
first day i arrived i was soo tired from all the moving
panas tapi sejuk
this is so blurry i got better pictures but im layzayh anyway its ezan! on the rooftop. nice place i love it
naz and que. the screen back there is the cinema, its quite a nice place where u sit on the rooftop and watch movies
some festival i fogot. german? italy? something la 
we had a huugee burger for lunch got full couldnt walk then later at night we had steak and pizza.
the awesome italian pizza. afique ate two slices and finished his big steak while i ate the rest of the pizza myself =) 
no wonder both of us gained weight in that week
i love candy store but i couldnt buy one till i ate dinner but lepas dinner dowan dah

alright thats it sorry this isnt as interesting as you would expect it to be but thanks for reading up till here.. 
oooohh before i go something interesting happened yesterday. i saw this riiighhhttt infront of my porch.
im sorry its not clear though. buuutt im sure u can see its more than 10 colourfull parrots!! this is like 15 meters away from me( im not good with distant estimation actually,but it was really near). coz my house is on the third floor and this tree is just infront of us. And right now im looking at 2 white parrots big ones. i cant take pictures coz i cant find my camera but i'll show u what it looks like
its this one. only the yellow thing is up i donno what that means.
yup u got it. my house is a zoo. theres other animals around.. turkeys, birds, possum, squirrels.. i wake up everyday because of them. mcm kat resort. tp annoying. 
alright im going to class now. hope u guys have a lovely week. 
ps: lindadoo ofcourse i miss youuuu sgt sgt.. i online msn for u to tegur me duuuhhh...
lots of love
shareen ween ween


  1. nice one dear...
    bile nak blanje pnut pizza tuh...
    look nice....
    take care there...

  2. hey pnut!! nanti pnut dtg reen blanje kayy! =) take care too