Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

i am rather happy/sad today. been pretty happy all week till i thought about stuff today.
kay happy thoughts first all the time!
i got the coolest camera evah!wansi????
tadaaa! init cute? it's a lego camera! and yes it's a real camera!andd it's real. want to see what it's pictures look like?

flash on!
flash off!

relax, i know it's the cutest thing you've seen since.. me? haha so here is some faqs i have been getting for the absolute cutest thing in the world.

Where'd you get it?  
oh myguss, if i could get paid for the number of people who asked me this, i would be jutawan fakir (linda) by now. i'm just going to be honest la okay. NO ONE likes to see stuff they've just gotten with other people but at the same time we all wanna show it off. get me? or in other words we are all selpish, well atleast i can admit i am :)  i've been avoiding this question for that particular reason. and im sorry but after a few days, i have decided it wouldnt be fair pon at the end of the day i bought it because its for sale for everyone. 
so i'm going to answer this once, here only, if you don't read this blog too bad.

only the awesomest/cheapest lomo shop i know around the area. 
and they also have a shop in ss2, it's a house opposite pohkong. not very easy to spot, but you can always just order online cause that's what i did and only took like less then 24 hours to get to me:D

how much?
rm 280 (cheapest i've seen so far and no thanks dont tell me if you got it for cheaper you know it's just annoying right?)

pros and cons?
very old-ish sorta lomo-ish look to the pictures
cheap, and pretty simple basic stuff. 
good for making people go omg!so awesome .hehe
superrrrrrr light, lighter than my torch.

major distortion in pictures. as you can see in the pictures above,i look kembang. stop wondering, i did not gain that much weight. i think? right? haha now i donno.
almost doesnt work at all at night.
too basic for some i guess?

do you like it?
i dooo! i really do, puts me back to my childhood. M and i went looking for lego to put on it the other day!but legos so expensive, i could only afford the monkey boy and the surfer girl cause it was the cheapest (at rm10 each!!still expensive to me) ohh i forgot to tell you, it works as in you can pull them apart build things and stuff,but you cant pull the whole body of the camera itself apart. comes with a couple of pieces of lego for you to get creative with! and, it really does what it says it does, take pictures.and it makes me smile everytmime i look at it!

oh! and i also got some film for my holga last week, anddd first role of film developed so puas hatily! i havent scanned them and will soon but here's a few from a role i took a year back.

my skin is fine, my holga is built in with colour flash! i can choose to be red, blue or yellow anytime i want! but i dont know, i don't think the holga is for everyone. need allot of patience for one thing.the first 3 roles of my films didnt come out at all,which i think most probably everyone will go through. but i loveeee the holga, for the colour and for it's lack of technology and effort it takes to do. fully manual tau semua orang! which really makes it awesome, the joy of going to the kedai gamba and getting your done picturessssssssssss. super duper smiles:) will scan the new prints sooon!

so FAQs you might have right now? im just going to guess k.
where is shareen?
i don't know either. the only way i 'communicate' with her is through twitter. tak comunicate sangat la, i just read her tweets. last i heard she's back in brisbane with no internet. :| which was my expression when i read it because that's not going to work for this blog now is itt. it's more of me and me here and here if like that. so sad!haha

do you miss her?
yes, like loads. but i dont think she misses me. she misses afique too much, she forgets to miss me. haha but it's all she ever says (on twitter)
are guys okay?
we're fine. despite the distance, lack of communications, we have brain signals to each other telling us we're alright. right shareen? right?!?! ke ayem tepuk sebelah tangan!

why are suddenly so poyoly into cameras?
tak so suddenly, because you don't know me and you haven't had a decent conversation with me that's why you're just assuming. i've had the holga for about three years now and i've always been fascinated with lomo pictures but it's an expensive thing to do so i dont do it allot. because printing and films cause allot more if i do it everyday compared to buying a single digital camera. which i also have. :D

why are you so boring?
funny i was asking myself the same question.

which is why im going to stop here, i just realized i only wrote about cameras this time. and only the two i know off. haha but seriously, this week has only been about taking my cameras out, and exams.and then at the end of the week to celebrate my freedom(from midterms je kecoh gila kan?!) i went on a little girls getaway, just for a night. not even far, but still totally awesome. now, im going to be quiet for awhile( if i am capable) because i have so much to do before my semester ends. but i'll probably still write a little sometimes.

oh and lastly, all my prayers go to the victims and people of the affected countries of tsunami and earth quake. keat told me, the creater of hello kitty died in the earth quake in japan :'( thank you, for my teman tidur when i was growing up.

the fact that you read it up to here,you must really love me. hehe so you deserve a smooch
nothing but love for yalls,

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