Monday, April 4, 2011

Nothing in this world is ever completely perfect, even when in heavenly Redang

hye from redang.
kay i wish laaa, it's monday i'm back home waiting to sleep to wake up to my anthropology class at 830 am tomorrow -___- .reality is annoyingly real. 

i am 22, and this is the only pulau i have been to that i remember so it was the awesomest to me.
went snorkelling,and i loved it too. we got the 3 times snorkel package thing but we only went for 2 sebab by the 2nd one dah penat we just bailed and went to sleep and woke up and went to the other side of the island. i don't know if you get me, but i shall show pictures laddur.but dandan went for all 3 trips,one of which he went alone haha sorry. 
the package was worth it if you knew you only came to go snorkelling,it included boat ride to and from redang back to jetty, lunch breakfast dinner, unlimited juice and hot drinks (overloaded on coffee when i was there) and bread for hungry midnight snackers like us, 3 people sharing room, only 6 of us so we ended up next to each other and just paid a little extra for the seaview.yeay!all this for only rm 330 !the room was gorgeous to me atleast. 
the beachboys were super friendly, some were a little too friendly with the girls but don't we all expect that of beach boys in malaysia la atleast.

and because nothing in this world is ever perfect, now for the downside.
the boat ride from the jetty to the resort was Ya Allah selamatkanlah perjalanan aku all the way there. the waves were hugeeeeeee because terengganu was raining for the past few days.
beach boys, as i mentioned too friendly at times. always always go with boys and make sure to berkepit. Nab and I got stuck in the middle of the sea on a pelampung with a really scary but rasa handsome beach boy with a shark bite on the side of his body :O
drama trauma is horible on holidays. Everybody is there to have a good time, so come on be a sport try your very best not to hurt people emotionally AND physically so we can all have an awesome time? I dont know, to me. it's allot about giving and taking. Nobody should be selfish on holidays. and nobody likes angry beavers during holidays kan? Im not saying names, everybody had a little part in making the holiday a little less fun. someone says yes, the other says no a little too harsh. i think during holidays sometimes you cant just be the person you are kind, cos if you're a nasty grumpy kid. who needs that right? be tolerant, everybody should be. 
promising to stay awake during the drive, omg so hard. and everybody lied ahahah. the best way is to probably, take turns sleeping during a long drive like 9 hours okay!
MY MUKA LEPAS PULAU. omg, i have rashes and pimples and im obvious sunburnt, and skin pealing on my face everywhere, and fish bites, mosquito bites. so ensure you have enough sunblock, mosquito repelant and shades toooo.

but despite all that and after everything we had to go through to get there, being there was just awesome. :)
ramble habis disini. but i dont have that many pictures though, most with M and Bibo.

on the way, all happy and excited

we broke the law allot on the way there.

Masjid terapung. so gorgeous, then we found the crystal one but didnt stop. why are people not allowed to pray in it again?

always merenung masa depan this one. haha at the jetty waiting for the boat.

after the crazy ass omg takut gila 40 minute boat ride that felt like 17 hours , we got to Kalong beach resort yeay!!!!!!First picture, the view! this is the view from our room. well sort of this was to the left of our rooms.

 okay thisss is exactly depan my room.

then the view to my left, my neighbours my boboys!! hehe. oh and these were the cute roommmms. all kayu and beachy feely.(but with aircond thank god)

lupa all excited and berminyak from the sunblock ready for the first snorkelling trip!:D

this is actually the beach at a different resort, gorgeouser than mine :( not impressed?

how bout now? hehe sorry la that was the lego camera just now.Gorgeous and will return to thiss resort when i have the money :D we only got here like the day before we were gonna leave cos it was quite an adventure from our resort to this one. lalu hutan, abandoned school, rocks and berbagai la. but all was sooo worth it! i mean looook attt ittt. Misssssssss

my boys and their favourite toys.

forgot to rotate again sorry:)

nebaila and baibo all beachy.

then we had to go back :'( but always always put a smile for pictures oviously.

sian nab, mabuk laut like the instant she gets on a boat. poor thing had this face everytimeee we were on  a boat, including the 20 minutes to get to the snorkeling sites tau!

i dunno, just thought this is pretty. hehe

my hero. drove half way to terengganu, and all the way back to kl. listened to all my shouts and screams on the way there, before tido, when i woke up and basically all the freaking time anything went wrong. how can i not love this boy?:) 

ps que haider: if you're wondering if that's your hat M keeps wearing, it is. heheh we brought it along so you could be there by hat. Ween i brought the bershka top i bought with u in singapore,so you were there by shopping sister hehehe.and our pictures from aussie is forever in my walllet pon.hahaha

homagad,the last i spoke to shareen was during the supre sale. and yeay thankssssss weeny i lolololove you. we needs to hook up online like sooon.

So now, im back home. going through my classes but atleast i have something to get excited for the weekend. BRUNO MARS MY LOVE IS COMINGGGGGG:D:D:D:D 10th april 10th april 10th april!
and going with my best girls,yeay!

i needs me some sleep,
 god linda what kind of english tu pls.
anyways, nothing but love for yall.

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